Fire From the Gods

by Mitch Mainey Sep 15th, 2017 05:42 PM Eastern

Rap-Metal Comeback 

Fire From the Gods, playing heavy and bridging the gap between Hip-Hop vocal rhythms and heavy guitar riffs, offers something that seems to be the best of both worlds. Trailing closely to the stylings of Attila, especially in regards to their most recent album, "Chaos", Fire From the Gods take a musical approach to what they are performing both in the studio, as well as on stage. 

Led by lead singer A.J. Channer, Fire From the Gods brings the weight and power of rock while simultaneously combining the vocal prowess of hip-hop onto the stage. Backed by guitarists Jameson Teat, bassist Bonner Baker, and drummer Richard Wicander, Channer manages to vocalize significant topics of today, such as racial tensions within the U.S. As is shown in their top track currently. 'Excuse Me', Channer expressed that this was a track more focussed toward unity and, coincidentally, the track was released during the racial tensions in Dallas. Channer went on record saying that the 'Excuse Me' video was not intentionally released during that time. 

Fire From the Gods apear to not be going anywhere else but up, and if you ever should have the chance, their show is as good as their album. They focus more on making music sound good regardless of the location, be it on a CD, live recording, or a fresh performance. Fire From the Gods is bringing a new flavorful twist to the entire Rap-Metal genre.

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