Attila still doesnt give a shit about you.

by Mitch Mainey Sep 26th, 2017 06:40 PM Eastern

Taking Shit off the Internet and Settling it in the Streets

Exploding from the metal scene with an aggressive "Don't give a Fuck" attitude, Attila paves the way for a fresh and new genre of metal. Party metal combines similar topics as todays modern rap songs and incorporates them into ear shattering, chaos-causing metal that is damn-near guaranteed to get you out of your seat and throw your middle finger up.

Led by the 'King of Chaos', Chris 'Fronz' Fronzak, Attila legitimately does not give a single fuck what people think, what people say, or what people do against them. They believe in doing what you want in life and not taking shit from anyone. Talk against them and see how they respond, be a 'close-minded faggot' and they will literally devote a track to you. Take the twitter feud between Attila and Westboro for example. Fronz calls out Westboro causing them to threaten protests for their concert in Bonner Springs in June of 2013. Mentioned clearly in "Callout", Fronz tells Westboro to "come and protest this dick".

Using today's popular rap topics: booze, drugs, and women, Attila throws it all together into a 'party-metalcore', pregame inspiring line-up that is guaranteed to get the even the most hardened listener the unscratch-able itch to rip a bong and slam some cheap beer. Fronz maintains a filthy mouth, as seen in their track, "Public Apology". Attila apologizes from the bottom of their heart, with the fullest sincerity, they apologize for you being a little bitch. They go down the list, as if they are showing their audience all the bad words that they know, while simultaneously back-handed apology for their vulgarity.

Even though their music is not appropriate for all audiences, specifically the 2017 liberal party where everyone is a victim, anything that is said can be considered 'hate-speech', and looking at someone can be considered rape. Attila cornered the metal scene demographic of those who are willing to ignore everyone else and do what they want, so long as they are not "a little bitch". As hard as it may be to believe that their aggressive stylings promote equality, that seems to be what several of their tracks stand for. Aforementioned, "Callout" has a verse saying, "If you hate gay people you should get your ass beat. You're a close minded faggot, bitch, kiss my feet." Fronz, backed by the power of Attila, promote doing anything you set your mind to, as long as you don't take others down to get there.

The Highly Anticipated Album of 2017

"I just want you guys to know that I will NEVER give in to the pussification  of Rock & Roll and modern day music. I don't give a DAMN about what anyone thinks of our music & I ESPECIALLY don't give a damn about what ant weak ass band has to say about us. I am an artist and I will do whatever the fuck I feel like doing. Attila will be gone before I conform and give into the pussification. PS- If you like the pussified version of modern "rock & roll: that's good for you! Great! Attila is for the people that don't give a fuck."

Fornz's statement can be found here.

Attila is back in the studio, creating what they claim to be the 'album that will change the world'. That's a bold statement from a band that sounds like the lovechild between Emmure and Carnifex. We, as fans, have nothing but pure faith in Attila and their dangerous presence.

As it seems. Fronz is fairly excited about their new album, wether it be excitement from studio recording or what they album will be about, Attila's excitement is definitely matched, if not trumped, in regard to anticipation.

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