Music comes first.

by James Whitney Sep 8th, 2017 04:19 AM Eastern


Music is a huge part our lives. Music is certainly ingrained into our culture. We surround ourselves with music on a daily business in almost every fashion. Companies launch new products, and they play music before, after, and sometimes even during their presentations. We listen to music in our cars on our daily commutes, and even though we may not be listening via traditional radio, we still plug up via aux or usb.

Music has changed a lot, both in the variety and styles of music that gets released to the way that we listen to it. Titans of the speaker industry continue to come out with better, and more “accurate” sounding speakers, and the average person likely owns a decent pair of headphones. Music can be quite personal, and can evoke a range of emotions within us. We once bought vinyl, then cassettes and 8 track tapes, and we moved to compact discs, and finally on to digital. The iPod era came and went, and we have gone full circle as vinyl recently has  seen a resurgence in popularity.

We can certainly say that through all of this change one thing remains. Music is here to stay, and music deserves to be celebrated. At Noon Update we will do just that.  Noon Update will celebrate music and cover the music industry from every angle. We will cover stories about musicians themselves, and review their work, but we will try and dig deeper. At Noon Update our goal is not only to offer our purviews into the industry, and find the best ways to listen to and enjoy music, but even cover how some of these musicians make their magic.

Music has been a passion of mine since I was very young; at thirteen I wanted to wield a guitar in the same way that my childhood hero Rivers Cuomo did, and while I never became the great rock star that I might have envisioned in myself, I certainly can play a few Weezer licks. I feel like music is a connection to the soul and hope that you will choose to join us here at Noon Update as we celebrate this thing that we have all come to love.


James Whitney, Editor in Chief

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